Treeline on top of a snow covered hill

Hi this is e3lli
e3lli is a new highly dynamic and extensible metalanguage in the lisp tradition.

It is a modern exploration of lisp's strengths:

(dynamism extensibility structure code/data duality)

e3lli combines three main ideas:

Like its ancestors e3lli is build on a small language kernel:

e3lli's core is derived from sequent calculus. It looks at computation in context and abstracts the interaction between the two as input/output duality.

Lambda calculus is the art of naming things and
sequent calculus is the art of naming dual things.

The three ideas mentioned earlier grow from e3lli's core; as well as:

e3lli is the eval-env-exp languages language implementation. Of course it is build with language trees.

e3lli grows into a dynamic and functional high level lisp language:

e3lli wants to build this core onto:

For more information:

Have a look at the core theory
or clone e3lli's repo:
% git clone
or clone the repo holding all the research leading up to e3lli:
% git clone