Treeline on top of a snow covered hill

Hi I am Michael :)

I wanted to make this site for a while now. To give back and mesh with the great communities that have and keep giving me a lot of joy over the past years.


  • λ magic & the metamedium
  • being outdoors & enjoying barefoot
  • art & individuation

Research interests:

  • Using modern mathematics (GA) and software engineering principles for CAD:
    • Wholisitic design process: sketch->final integrating computations, simulations and optimizations
      => A notation for physical things (design and model, compare Iverson)
  • Language design; how to fundamentally base computations:
    • λ & vau, effects, environments | objects
    • How to combine & work with specialized | adhoc | little languages:
      Emacs is language oriented programming => Language is the UI

Maybe a lifetime is not enough.
But don't despare:
Know you are not alone -> We humans are a collective
and stay perma curious ;)